Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

E-Poster Viewing

E-Poster presentations will not have a dedicated session time and will be available for viewing through the poster gallery on the conference platform and the mobile app.
Each E-Poster will consist of a 1-page file. The participants will be able to contact the poster presenter through the virtual platform.

Only E-Posters of registered participants will be displayed in the e-Poster Gallery.

E-Poster registered presenters will receive a dedicated link to upload their E-Posters by email in the coming weeks.

Deadline for uploading your E-Poster: 17 May, 2021

Preparations for your E-poster

Please submit your e-poster as 1-page .PPTX file in landscape orientation.  
If you wish, you may use a template that can be downloaded HERE.

  • Language: All E-Posters should be prepared in English. 
  • File format: .pptx 
  • E-Poster orientation:landscape (16:9)
  • File size: Less than 10 MB 
  • When inserting images, photos, tables, etc., use copy-paste. Do not use embedded documents 
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not permitted for e-posters and will be non-functioning 
  • QR Codes may be included 
  • Please do not use headersfooters or layers 
  • Before saving your .PPTX file, please make sure the view is not enlarged (ie the view is actual size or the zoom magnification is 100% or less)
  • When saving your .PPTX, please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/-@) in the file name

Messaging E-Poster presenters 
Within the platform, messages can be sent directly to the presenter’s email by clicking the envelope icon. 

Publication Consent

By uploading your E-Poster, you agree to having it published in the official Congress publications, on the ATTD 2021 website and app and in the virtual platform for the duration of 3 months following the ATTD 2021 Virtual Conference. 

Technical Support

If you have any support questions please do not hesitate to contact