About ATTD

About ATTD

The foundation of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments of Diabetes (ATTD) dates back to 2008, marking a journey of 17 successful annual gatherings. The core objective of ATTD is to spotlight pioneering technologies and therapies for diabetes management, fostering collaboration among technology developers, diabetes care professionals, researchers, industries, startups, investors, regulatory bodies, and individuals living with diabetes. Esteemed professionals from around the globe convene to exchange insights and disseminate the latest advancements in the field of diabetes.

Main themes addressed at the conference include Decision Support Systems (Advisors), big data and artificial intelligence for decision support, closed-loop systems, artificial pancreas technology, insulin pumps, glucose sensors (both invasive and non-invasive), screening, intervention and prevention of type 1 diabetes, emerging insulin formulations and medications, novel insulin delivery systems, preventive devices for diabetes, and the integration of informatics into medical services, including telemedicine and software solutions.

The audience ranges from various fields of expertise, such as clinicians from the field of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism, pediatricians and family medicine practitioners as well as diabetes technology developers. They come from all over the world, from the academic field to primary care institutions

As part of its commitment to advancing diabetes treatment solutions, ATTD hosts the International Fair of New Technologies, providing a platform for startup ventures focused on diabetes-related technologies to showcase their innovations, foster development, and establish valuable connections.

Another important activity of the ATTD is the publishing of an annual ATTD YEARBOOK featuring a critical assessment of significant articles on new diabetes therapies and technologies from the world’s leading medical journals selected and reviewed by experts in this field. This review is a useful companion for all professionals in the diabetes field.

Complementing the annual conferences, the ATTD Education Portal UNLOK was established, offering an opportunity to view e-Posters, webcasts, and abstracts from ATTD conferences, alongside other resources such as media content, expert opinion pieces, and medical references. The portal also facilitates interactive forums and webinars on various topics, bridging the gap between ATTD annual gatherings.

We invite you to become a part of the ATTD community and enjoy its various activities!