Promotional Toolkit

Promotional Toolkit

Help Spread the Word

Please find below the promotional toolkit for ATTD 2025, including:

  • Official ATTD 2025 banners
  • E-mail signature
  • Presentation template slides
  • Letterhead

Click here to view the Promotional Toolkit for Supporters & Exhibitors.

We invite you to use the promotional materials to promote ATTD 2025 within your network, on social media platforms, and in lectures and meetings.

Invite your peers and colleagues to join you in Amsterdam!

Should you require additional sizes, please contact us

Square Banner   
Landscape Banner

Include the below banner in your e-mail signature.

E-mail Signature

Please add at the end of your presentation, at appropriate meetings, and show on screens at events between presentations.

Widescreen ATTD 2025 PPT 16.9

Kindly insert in your journals and event programs, and print and post on notice boards in your hospitals and institutions.

Stand​ard A4 Visual

Download the official ATTD 2025 letterhead