About GEMS

About GEMS


GEMS – the Global Education of Medicine and Science, helps in advancing healthcare and technological fields that are currently developing. The organization supports and collaborates with world experts, to deliver the right content at the right time, by providing the needed resources and formats to deliver high-quality learning experiences.

With a main objective to advance education, GEMS is currently working in a variety of fields and specialties.

Independent Medical Education

GEMS aim is to develop high-quality and effective medical education that will contribute toward improved physician competencies and ultimately improved patient care. GEMS medical education activities are targeting healthcare professionals from different specialties in an international environment with adult learning principles, based on the needs of the target audience, and needs in the field.

The degree of importance attached to relevant medical education globally continues to grow. Many countries are developing regulations, guidelines, etc., to encourage participation in independent medical education activities. This all with the goal of improving clinical practice and outcomes, and ultimately patient outcomes.

Medical education activities developed under GEMS are:

  • Meeting identified participant needs
  • Are free from bias
  • Are developed by independent, qualified, and scientific educators
  • Are of high quality

GEMS invests in topics with value and potential. Join the world’s leading minds that collaborate with us and create platforms for future growth and development.

What are the benefits for you:

  • Transform your idea from concept into reality
  • Raise your profile in your field of expertise
  • Increase your chances of success by partnering with an organization dedicated to advancing healthcare education


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