Speaker Trailers & Session Topics

Speaker Trailers & Session Topics

Watch these preview trailers from our world-known speakers on what’s to come at ATTD 2021

 A program full of novelties is prepared for this year’s ATTD Conference. Our Chairs and Speakers welcome you and reveal what is coming!

Prof. Tadej Battelino – Conference Chair

Prof. Moshe Phillip – Conference Chair

Are you curious to learn more about the ATTD speakers and their lectures? Take a look at the speaker trailers to give you a first glance of what you can expect from the different sessions, which topics will be addressed, and why those topics are important not to miss!

Prof. Katharine Barnard – Kelly
The Human Factors chapter of the ATTD Yearbook.
 Dr Lori Laffel
Telemedicine For Routine Follow up
Prof. Satish Garg
Type 1 Diabetes, New Onsets and TDK Through Telehealth During COVID-19