International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes

International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes

A showcase of cutting-edge technologies

Meet the Experts. Discover the Latest Research. Behold the Next Big Thing.

The International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes: where start-ups and emerging companies will be displaying cutting-edge technologies and medical devices for diabetes treatment. Be present at ATTD 2021, the forefront of this constantly evolving discipline.
The International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes:
  • Gathers researchers from the academic world, key opinion leaders and fellow inventors who are keen to learn about new research and development findings
  • Provides a unique platform enabling a rare exchange of views and ideas on emerging technologies
  • Links new inventions to potential industrial companies and investors in the field interested in funding further development or commercialization of inventions or products
  • Draws the attention of entrepreneurs, venture capital companies and puts inventions, designs and products in the limelight
  • Creates opportunities for building networks between international inventors and scientists worldwide
  • Maximizes exposure of the innovative products and technologies by way of a global audience
Join us and take your company to the next level!
Technology Fair Prospectus

Tech Fair Exhibitors

 Have a look at the companies displaying their cutting-edge products this year

AMF Medical

AMF Medical’s mission is to offer “Simply, better life for people with diabetes”. Sigi (TM) is a novel “plug & go…” patch pump, designed for “open-protocol” closed loop. Sigi is designed to be the smallest, lightest, Type 1 Diabetes patch pump, ergonomically developed for easy and convenient handling, as well as on-body application and reliable extended-wear comfort.


Our North Star at AltrixBio is to provide a disease-modifying therapeutic with no systemic side-effects for patients with T2DM and metabolic diseases.  We are advancing LuCI™ AJN 003 to the clinic in 2022 for T2DM and are excited to share our technology story at your conference.


Emagix is developing novel technology for advancing the prevention of blindness in diabetic patients — a complication caused by abnormalities in the blood vessels of the retina. Since the early diagnosis of such vascular abnormalities is critical for timely treatment and blindness prevention, the Emagix team has developed a software for early and accurate diagnosis of vascular abnormalities in the retina using sophisticated image analysis and artificial intelligence.

Capillary Biomedical

Capillary Biomedical, Inc. (CapBio) is introducing the SteadiSet™ with SteadiFlow™ Technology New SteadiFlow technology is designed for reliable, comfortable 7-day wear. With SteadiFlow technology, the set is designed to keep on working, so you worry less about high blood sugars caused by your set.

Undermyfork Inc.

Undermyfork is a medical software startup with a mission is to ease the burden of daily diabetes care, help people with diabetes make healthier nutrition choices and increase Time-in-Range to avoid diabetes complications. We are building a personalized nutrition care platform for people with diabetes, diabetes caregivers, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Nevada Diabetes Association

The Nevada Diabetes Association has created the only intergraded electronic medical system specially designed for diabetes camps. This system is designed to keep the mass amount of medical professionals on the same page at the same time from anywhere for diabetes management of the largest population of diabetes management events.

SensAI Healthcare Inc.

SensAI healthcare has developed the 7Sugar platform which is an Artificial Intelligence led solution that uses a mobile app and glucose monitoring sensors to learn patient behavioral patterns and physiology. Both are used to deliver lifestyle interventions digitally and in real time. A platform that can deliver care remotely or in-person. to help people with diabetes integrate technology and get better care

Nutrix GmbH

Nutrix wants to give people the chance to monitor their own health, and therefore, have developed non-invasive, pain free glucose monitoring sensor – gSense. gSense detects glucose in saliva, offers immediate measurement, accurate processing and analysis with AI and reliable data transfer to mobile application. The product is currently during clinical trials.

Lakka Health OY

We possess a passion for high-quality and novel solutions and are developing a product that can detect low and high blood sugar levels from type I and II diabetic persons from VOC (volatile organic compounds). Our solution is a needle-free and wearable device which enables the detection of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia symptoms from specific VOCs that are being emitted during the aforementioned states.


Diabeloop’s mission: to relieve people living with Type 1 diabetes from dozens of daily therapeutic decisions and reduce their heavy mental burden. With the DBL-hu, an innovative and customizable medical device, they can enjoy a more stable daily life, a lighter mental load, reduced risk of hypoglycemic episodes and much better diabetes control.

Panda Insight UG

Our mission is to transform the lives of millions of people worldwide by developing a diabetes management application that helps users to find an individual diabetes management routine that is tailored to their unique needs. Our app combines data from user’s wearable devices, smartphones and glucose-sensors in one system.

Dapplix Medical 

Dapplix Medical was founded based on our own experience as caregivers and background as R&D developers within MedTech and Pharma. We are dedicated to promoting healthy skin in type 1 diabetics, with our lead product, intended to improve the treatment of skin irritation caused by wearable technologies, now in clinical testing.

PT Cardium Tekno Inovindo

PT Cardium Tekno Inovindo focuses on maximizing health services, especially the management of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They have three products which you can read more about at their booth: Cardium, a health monitoring devices; CardiCare,  android-based applications; and Electronic health record, website-based applications.

Start-up Grants

ATTD is delighted to announce its ATTD 2021 Start-up Grants to be offered to outstanding start-up companies presenting an innovative product currently in the pipeline. Apply to receive a €500 grant (plus further benefits) and participate at the prestigious International Fair of New Technologies during ATTD 2021. The start-up companies that are awarded a grant will receive a small booth in our virtual exhibition and will give a short presentation and introduction of their company that will be maintained on-demand for 3 months for attendees to watch.
* Those who have received this grant in the past are not eligible to apply again
For bookings and questions, please contact:
Katherine Woolley (